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Rags and Old Iron  
Amy is having dreams and visions that threaten her sanity and possibly her life. Some dark presence from her forgotten past is intruding into her reality and the lives of her friends, terrifying, maiming, killing. For her? A handsome Voodoo priest may hold the secret to Amy's possession by spirits of the past, and to her ultimate salvation, in this creepy and romantic story of childhood betrayed, love lost and secrets rediscovered.

Lorelei's Note: This is my first novel. It's not bad. For a first novel, anyway. Lots of gore, this ain't no cuddly paranormal romance.

Available as an ebook soon!

Swimming deep within the Vermifuge you'll find human desires and inhuman horrors, belly laughs and gut-wrenching shocks: 18 tales of madness, hatred, love, obsession, transformation, transcendence, and death by Lorelei Shannon.

Lorelei's Note: This is a collection of my early short stories. I recently re-read it, and I actually still like it.

Available as an ebook soon!

THE BLOOD OF FATHER TIME, Book 1, The New Cut is a time-travel fantasy inspired by actual historical events and the outlaw clans of early eighteen-hundreds Tennessee. It's a coming-of-age story, an epic adventure, and a rich historical drama. Less Joel Biggs is twelve years old-the intelligent, brutalized, bullying son of an alcoholic father. On a walk down a sunlit Tennessee creek, Joel and his friends run afoul of a band of river pirates and come to realize they've gone a hundred years back in time, into unimaginable danger. Joel must use all his cunning, skill, and strength to get his friends back home.

Lorelei's Note: The Blood of Father Time books were written with the amazing author and artist Alan M. Clark, and his esteemed cousin Stephen C. Merritt. I'm insanely proud of having worked with them!

The Blood of Father Time, Book 2: The Mystic Clan's Grand Plat, is a time-travel fantasy inspired by actual historical events and the outlaw clans of early eighteen-hundreds Tennessee. Joel Biggs, an alcoholic history professor, is tormented by memories of a traumatic childhood adventure through time. The only person who could confirm the reality of this fantastic event has recently died and Joel has begun to doubt everything, even his own sanity. The only way he can find peace is to travel back in time once more. If Joel can find his friend Mark, left behind in the 1800's, perhaps he can redeem himself. But that means returning to a time and place of incredible danger, brutal violence, and sudden death. Joel will have to face overwhelming hardship-and he will have to face himself.

Lorelei's Note: The second and final book in the Blood of Father Time series rocks as hard as the first, in my opinion!

Rose is seventeen and on the run, desperate to escape an unspeakable home life in Miami. She finds herself in Possum Kingdom, Tennessee, a tiny little town with secrets as dark as the woods that surround it. Here she meets Robbie Jo, her new best friend. The girl is dirt-poor, brilliant, funny...and bloodthirsty. Robbie Jo is a young psychopath. A budding serial killer. She hides her true nature from the people of Possum Kingdom-most of them, anyway. The lucky ones. The battle for Rose's soul has begun. But the stakes are higher than anyone could imagine. This is supernatural Southern Gothic taken to a whole new level.

Lorelei's Note: This is some of the best writing I've ever done. If you like Southern Gothic, black magic, and balls-out horror, give it a go.

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